The EWIF National Conference took place this year on Thursday 21st September at Staverton Park Hotel in Northampton. The conference gives members, both new and old, the opportunity to come together, network and share ideas and expert knowledge. Every year, our network grows bigger and we’re proud of what we have managed to accomplish over the last seven years. We’re also incredibly proud of our members’ achievements year in year out.  We achieved record attendance this year and were pleased to welcome so many of our members joining together to celebrate the success of the year!

This year’s guest speakers were TONI&GUY’s National Franchise Manager, Gaynor Hodge with Regional Education Manager, Adie Luff, followed later by, Tanya Robinson, Senior Contract Manager for HMPPS who founded a charity to support and rescue sex workers in East London.

The day had a great vibe about it, as the speakers inspired and encouraged all of us who would love to see more women entering into the world of franchising. Women are excellent at breaking rules and adapting to what’s happening in life, which Gaynor enthuses is crucial for franchise development. “As a franchise manager, I have learned there is only one rule: There are no rules! As franchisors, adapting to situations, learning to be flexible and not sticking rigidly to the rules is what is important for the development of our franchises”

Her colleague, Adie agrees, “The bigger you grow, the nimbler you need to be if you’re going to keep moving forward with your franchise. I once heard it said, ‘even if you’re the size of a tanker, you still have to be able to move like a speed-boat!’”

While Tanya, who oversees £1billion projects, and co-founded two charities working to re-educate and rescue sex workers, urged us to believe more about what we think we can accomplish, “I believe I’ve been blessed with the capacity to do more, and don’t feel as though I have reached anywhere near my full potential. I don’t want to be forced by others to become someone I don’t want to be, and you shouldn’t have to either! We should always be able to strive to be better – for ourselves.”


This Year’s Guest Speakers…

Adie Luff
Regional Educational Manager

Click here to read Adie’s bio.

Gaynor Hodge
National Franchise Manager

Click here to read Gaynor’s bio.

Toni & Guy Speaker Presentation

Due to popular demand, the slides that our guest speakers used for their talks are available to download below.

Toni & Guy EWIF Conference Slides 2017


Why do EWIF host a national conference?

Hosting a National Conference is just one of the ways that EWIF supports both its members and those women looking to get into franchising. As EWIF members, women (and men!) are able to attend various events throughout the year to network, and gain support, knowledge and advice for their own businesses and for those who are looking to get into franchising and need a helping hand.

The NatWest/bfa survey for 2015 revealed that women now account for only 17% of franchisees in the UK which is a 5% decrease since 2011, making the EWIF cause more important than ever. EWIF are looking to change the face of the franchise sector so that women have a much larger presence than they do currently and to balance out the ratio of men to women in the franchise industry.

By attending events such as the EWIF National Conference, members open the doors to networking with some of the biggest brands in the franchise industry. Many businesses grow through networking and gaining advice from those business owners who are experiencing exactly the same challenges. For those looking to take their first steps into the franchise industry either as a franchisee or a franchisor, attending EWIF meetings and conferences is a great introduction and a way to speak to those already in the industry.

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