MagiKats is a long standing and well-established franchise of private tuition centres which provides out-of-school tutoring for any child from pre-school to National 5. The comprehensive MagiKats programme provides an individual mix of teaching and practice for every student, in a fun and interactive workshop setting. It’s specifically designed to improve a child’s subject skills, study skills and confidence. The opening of a centre in the West End is important for parents who want to support and encourage their child to achieve their full potential.


The new MagiKats centre will be led by Sam Khan. Sam has a BA Hons in Business Law and Finance and an MSc in Marketing, as well considerable educational experience. With three children of her own, Sam has been actively involved in education by teaching and consolidating school work received by her children and those of family and friends, preparing them well in advance for their admission exams for private education.

Born and bred in the West End of Glasgow, Sam believes the key to success is having that unique combination of providing a great service and having good people skills, along with a strong ability to plan, organise, and good team and management skills.


Sam explains why she thinks MagiKats is such a great opportunity for local parents and their children:

“I completely understand that with large classroom sizes, teachers may not be able to give every child the attention they need. I tried various tuition centres for my own children. In the end, however, I didn’t find them hugely effective as they didn’t help my children reach their full potential nor were they challenging enough.

When I came across MagiKats, I was intrigued by the teaching methods that they used. MagiKats don’t just focus on computers like some tuition centres but use a mix of teaching and practical work. All the work is adapted to suit each child’s need. This is extremely important in allowing children to learn and improve on their foundation skills in maths and English and the MagiKats programme has a focused approach which provides quality learning for children.

All of our materials have been tested and proven to work. We prepare work ahead of the lessons for the children and have an ongoing plan of what a child should be reaching in terms of their education. That means that children who may be struggling in certain areas will get the help and support that they need in order to flourish and improve with their learning. But children who have a particular skill or talent are stretched and challenged to ensure that they also reach their full potential.