On Saturday the 25th of March, TechyTots held their first discovery event. The event provided a platform for potential franchisees to learn more about the TechyTots business model and ask questions directly to Julie Barber the owner and franchisor of TechyTots and Sarah Hamilton the TechyTots Horsham franchise owner. Attendees were able to gain an understanding of how the TechyTots franchise operates and the support provided to franchisees to ensure their success. Sarah (TechyTots Horsham) then gave a talk about her franchising journey with TechyTots and demonstrated how the business works for her. The event was interactive, and attendees were able to participate in the discussion, making it a valuable learning experience.

One of the key takeaways from the event was the benefits that TechyTots provides to children. By teaching early coding skills, TechyTots helps children develop important skills like teamwork, problem-solving, maths, and literacy. The curriculum is designed to enhance the National Curriculum, making it a valuable addition to a child’s education. The attendees were impressed by the potential impact that TechyTots could have on the children in their local area.

Attendees said the event was

“Friendly and had useful information”

“It was good and helped me to formulate which questions I had”

Another important aspect of the discovery event was the potential earnings as a TechyTots franchisee. Attendees were able to see the earning potential and understand the franchise area and demographics that TechyTots uses to ensure all franchisees have the same opportunity for success. This transparency gave attendees confidence in the franchise model and the potential for a successful business.

Overall, the TechyTots discovery event was a great success. Attendees were able to gain a comprehensive understanding of the TechyTots franchise model, the curriculum, and the potential for success. The interactive format of the event allowed for an engaging and informative discussion, and attendees were able to ask questions directly to the franchise experts. If you’re interested in investing in a business that helps children develop critical skills while also providing a lucrative income, TechyTots is definitely worth exploring.

TechyTots is a unique and exciting business opportunity that provides coding classes for children aged 3-6 years old. The franchise model allows franchisees to own and operate their own TechyTots business, providing coding classes in their local area. With the demand for coding skills increasing, TechyTots is a fantastic opportunity for those looking to invest in a business that has the potential for significant growth and success.