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The Antal recruitment franchise is very flexible and can adapt to all kind of situations and lifestyles. Our franchise owners generally work from home and choose their working hours to suit their needs and aspirations – you could build up a team of recruiters or choose to work from your garden in the sunshine! You will be able to combine time with your family, raising your children or take some time for yourself whilst running your own business, you will only need a computer and a phone! But don’t let this flexibility and freedom fool you, owners can earn upwards of £80.000 in their first year of business whilst helping a number of candidates and clients face their future and make it better! It’s all a question of organising your day and finding the right talent for the right job!

The European employment market is currently suffering from a massive talent shortage and companies pay head-hunters every day to find the right candidates. At Antal, we found that clients prefer to work with consultants who understand their business, industry and profession so we train business professionals to become these head-hunters with a little plus! Our franchise owners have little recruitment knowledge but Antal provides the professional coaching and support that can help you become a professional recruiter and with fees of up to 30% of an employee’s first year salary this is really a good sector to work in. In essence, you are in business for yourself, but you are not by yourself …

If you are an organised, meticulous, driven person who like to interact with people on a daily basis and change their career or make the success of an organisation, this is a great opportunity for you!

Founded by Tony Goodwin in 1992, Antal was launched in response to market demands driven by clients who want the same high quality service wherever they are based in the world. Antal started its franchise division on 2002 and has now an extensive network of around 150 offices in more than 32 countries. Contact us today to be part of it!

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