Blossom Home Care

Blossom Home Care is a family business providing ‘just bloomin’ good care’ to the elderly and other adults with home care requirements. We are truly passionate about and totally committed to delivering high quality care and support, tailored to the individual’s needs and preferences. Our emphasis is on a holistic approach to care with individualised care plans that fully meet the needs of the client, including helping them to continue to participate in the social activities that can make a real difference to their life in general

    Delivering ‘just bloomin’ good care’ isn’t easy, but Blossom Home Care is different and offers a unique and totally fresh approach to care.

    The brand was founded by husband and wife, John and Fiona Leggott. Fiona is a Registered General Nurse so with her wealth of nursing and social care knowledge and skills and John’s business skills, they decided to create a new brand that would fit their vision of a well-run care provider that treated staff and clients with respect, dignity and delivered high quality care. 

    John and Fiona always had a vision, from the outset, to roll out their business model nationally so everyone could experience the exceptional care delivered by Blossom Home Care.

    Unlike many domiciliary care companies in the UK, Blossom Home Care is proud to be British owned and managed.




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