DramEd draws on the performing arts to teach and explore core subjects in schools, nurseries and other educational settings. We specialise in giving young children a strong foundation in their early years’ education while maintaining an approach to learning that’s both joyful and explorative.

DramEd Licensees are all entrepreneurial performers who use their abilities as singers, dancers and actors to make learning fun.

As a DramEd Licensee, you’ll partner with us to help us realise our ambition of reaching as many children as possible with our unique teaching methods while building a rewarding business that fits around your life as a performer.

You’ll establish, teach, and profit from your own DramEd classes , allowing you to pursue a well-paid career that gives you the flexibility to carry on doing the things you’re passionate about.

There are many challenges to working for yourself, but there are also many benefits, and becoming a DramEd licensee allows you to focus on the benefits.

For you, DramEd might just be one strand of a larger business that has lots of different complementary elements, or it might be the only business you run.

But however you choose to run your business:

  • we won’t impose sales targets;
  • we won’t ask for a percentage of your turnover; and
  • we won’t touch your profits.

DramEd Ltd


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