Franchise 360

Franchise Management Software

Franchise 360 is establishing itself as the UK’s leading business management system designed for franchised businesses.

Out of the box, our web-based product has impressive features such as CRM, document management, invoicing and job processing.

 When you need more functionality, we work with you to mould the system to your particular needs.  Franchise 360 has been expertly designed by us so that it can grow over time, just as your franchise does.

For peace of mind, Franchise 360 also comes with free email and phone support

What make us unique

Apart from our great software, our clients tell us that our attitude is refreshing.

Firstly, we know that sometimes you won’t know exactly what you need from the outset. At the heart of our service is a collaborative development process, ensuring that you end up with exactly what you need.

Secondly, we see software as a long-term partnership. Many of our customers have been with us for many years and we are in regular contact with them through our on-going support and development service.

Finally, our customers also trust us to be there for the long term. With 8 years’ experience in the franchising world and over 500 clients, GreyRidge software is now used in just about every franchise industry sector and environment you can imagine.

Franchise 360 is made by
GreyRidge Software Limited
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Newcastle upon Tyne
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t. 0800 80 47 473