Who are Gallone’s?

The Gallone family have been making amazing ice cream for over 100 years from a traditional family recipe.

In 1938 the ice cream was manufactured and then sold via three ice cream vans in Northampton, by 2013 they had over 50 vans and were distributing to parlours and supermarkets all across the UK.

In July 2013 Aldo and Cathy Gallone opened their first Parlour next to the factory. The Parlour offers customers the chance to treat themselves to one of the fifty plus flavours of ice cream, enjoy a specially blended coffee or even book a birthday party for children where they can design their own flavor of ice cream or visit the factory to see how the ice cream is being made. In addition to in-store sales Gallone’s Ice Cream Parlour’s also sell one litre tubes of ice cream for enjoyment at home. The success of the brand (see John Lewis 150 anniversary television advertisement). and the parlour led to several enquiries from customers and friends seeking to open their own ‘Gallone’s’ via some form of franchise. As a consequence, after piloting the concept in the nearby town of Market Harborough, with some success, expansion across the UK, through franchising, began.

What sets a Gallone’s Parlour apart from other parlours is firstly, the ice cream, obviously, but also, each Gallone’s parlour holds their own unique ice cream factory themed parties. Based on the Gallone’s factory tour, with a little Willy Wonka style magic, party attendees get to design their very own flavour of ice cream, manufacture it and have a tub to enjoy at home.

The parlours have a very family-friendly feel and are appealing to all age groups. “ We love to see all the different generations in our parlours and pride ourselves that we are able to make everyone feel welcome.” Says Cathy.

There are now Gallone’s ice cream parlours in Kingsthorpe, Market Harborough,  Northampton, Bedford and Leamington Spa. This year will see the company opening in Bournemouth and Inverness and a new concept of kiosk style opening in Baker Street in London.  “We are very excited to see where this period of expansion will take us.” Says Aldo Gallone.