Gymboree Play & Music


For almost 40 years, Gymboree Play & Music has been helping turn fun into learning as the world’s foremost provider of children’s developmental programmes
Gymboree is much more than a mother/toddler group or arts and crafts class. Gymboree classes are unique in that they are curriculum-based and designed by experts in early childhood development. The various types of classes are unique in content and are offered using Gymboree’s carefully crafted lesson plans, which are detailed and rich in content. All Gymboree lesson plans are broken down into developmentally appropriate age groups and each features its own class props, teaching aids, music, equipment and supplies.

Through engaging, age-appropriate activities, Gymboree Play & Music classes help children learn the concepts, skills and tasks needed to set a solid foundation for school and life success.
Gymboree offer a wide range of classes including Sensory Baby Play, Play & Learn, Music, Art, School Skills and Sports as well as parties at over 30 sites across the UK.


Gymboree Play & Music grows healthy minds and bodies with our well-rounded programme which touches upon the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of young children.
Each Gymboree Play & Music in the UK is a franchise and is operated by its own team.

Susannah Sloman is the Master Franchisor and owns the Surbiton Branch. After the birth of her first son, she was looking for a different work life balance and began thinking about starting her own business. She came across Gymboree and has never looked back.