Les Puces Ltd

Les Puces is a young company aiming to bring something new and fresh to the early years language market.  We concentrate on French as we believe it’s the most useful second language – and because we do it well!  Our fully integrated method and the wonderful bilingual books and projects that the children take home each half term are what makes us stand out.  We have a team of talented illustrators, musicians and creative people on board, investing in the future of the children we teach in nurseries and preschools; on curriculum and after school classes for primary schools; private classes; and open classes after school and on Saturday mornings.

Founder Mandie Davis decided to franchise the business as a way of continuing the growth of Les Puces without compromising on quality.  All unsold areas across the UK are available, including those with established classes, as the aim is to allow the current team to concentrate on providing the high quality fresh materials to our franchisees, teachers and ultimately to the children and parents taking the classes.

Our first franchise was awarded almost immediately to Josephine in Hampshire. Here’s what she’s said on Twitter about the experience so far:

“Since becoming a franchisee @lespucesuk I’ve learned so much! From how to interview people, new computer skills, marketing & advertising, effective time management to choosing the clothes & colours that bring out my best”

“One of the best life-changing decisions I’ve ever made @lespucesuk , and your continued support, your ethos, professionalism, quality of products and always being at the end of the phone are simply awesome!”

We are looking for two more franchisees to help us to prove the model and to learn how to run our new franchise to the best of our abilities.  We are offering a vastly reduced price to these two before a full launch at full price in 2019.  Josephine is a French speaker and that gives her the advantage of being able to take some of the classes herself, as well as to be available to stand in for teachers on the odd occasion when they can’t take a class, but speaking French, whilst having definite advantages, is not mandatory.  We need progressive, earnest, business minded franchisees who will be proud to fly the Les Puces flag in their area – ensuring that children across the country have the chance to participate in what are proving to be much loved and highly valued part of their childhood.

If you aim high and are looking to combine working from home with building a strong team, are confident with customer service and helping parents to guide their children through their own language journey, then we would love to hear from you.

Please contact mandie@lespuces.co.uk for a franchise prospectus or to talk further about how we could work together.  We are not hard sell – so please don’t be scared to talk, that we can both can make an informed decision.




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