Control Your Brand in Local Search

Many franchises are ‘local’ and as such appear in ‘local search; results when customers search for their services online.

Local search is dependent on correctly listed business information and customer reviews. 

To rank well in local search, franchisees need to ensure that their name, address, phone number and branding are consistent in the right local listing sites and that customers write reviews on those sites.

More than 50% of people use a mobile device to search for local services and 78% of those are looking for a phone number to call. Mobile search IS local search, so it is essential that franchisees manage their local online presence and encourage reviews. However, most franchisees do not have the time or expertise to manage their local search or the processes to encourage reviews.

MiShop.local’s Local Listing Optimisation service helps franchises to control their brand in local search and maximise the number of times they are found when customers search for their services locally.

MiShop.local’s WriteAboutUs service helps franchisees to measure customer satisfaction and get happy customers writing reviews on the right local review sites.

MiShop.local’s Franchisee Websites provides an excellent facility for franchisees to have their own cost effective local website, but which conforms to the Franchise brand guidelines.

The results are improved local search performance, greater brand awareness and increased footfall, clicks and calls.

MiShop.local works with some of the leading brands in the UK and is a leading authority in local search.

David Whately is the founder and managing director of MiShop.local. He is a recognised authority, speaker and commentator on local brand search.


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