Mooeys Ltd

In 2013, Amy Lewis set up Mooeys to offer specialist nail and waxing services and has since opened two well-established and profitable salons in Farnham and Horsham.

Amy is a trained and qualified beauty therapist with many years’ experience in all aspects of the beauty industry. She has worked on cruise ships, managed beauty spas and worked with global companies setting up their spas and salons.

The Mooeys concept was initially created around Amy’s favourite treatments to do: nails and waxing. From experience, these treatments are also the most popular, yet have such a lack of consistency from one therapist to another.

She wanted to create an experience for clients to have as part of their monthly expenditure, in fun and funky surroundings that feel different yet homely. Somewhere that takes care of people, is really ‘mum friendly’, and allows joint conversations between clients and therapists to flow. Mooeys is a safe place for all clients to feel comfortable, and have some time for themselves.

All of this combined with exceptional treatments that are consistent no matter what therapist you choose, and which offer great value for money, provides the perfect non-judgemental space for all to enjoy.

Experience and attention to detail make Mooeys stand out from the crowd. All the Mooeys staff are trained by Amy and her management team and share the same desire to make Mooeys a sociable environment where people feel comfortable and taken care of, yet still get the very best treatment.



Amy Lewis 

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