Here at PetStay we pride ourselves on our fundamental aim of ensuring the welfare of the dog is at the forefront of everything we do.  As leaders in the ‘Home Dog Boarding’ field since 2005 and being avid dog lovers we wanted to provide a less stressful alternative to kennels.   PetStay has instilled these beliefs in each of their 30 franchisees throughout the UK and it’s these strong, unwavering beliefs that are the basis of the loving alternative to kennels we offer. PetStay were the first to be licensed in many areas when the business was started in 2005 by founder Carole Davy, 11 years on we now have 35 branches throughout the UK and growing.    Our franchisees chose PetStay to start their own pet service business as they recognised that PetStay had one of the best franchise business models but also their beliefs in how they run the business ethically with all carers being licensed, not mixing different dogs together and meeting the carer before you book really made the difference and knew this would be the service they would want for their own dogs.