Popcat’s Music Time Ltd

Sing, dance, play and listen.

Popcat’s classes are an hour of singing traditional nursery rhymes, dancing, playing percussion instruments and much more. The classes have been planned to include all little ones, you won’t find an age specific class because they are ALL suitable from 0-5 years. Parents and carers love the fact that siblings of mixed ages can come along and have lots of fun together with a sibling discount offered too!

Child minders, grandparents, parents and carers are all very welcome.

All Popcat’s classes cover the 7 areas of learning in the EYFS and we are very proud of that. The classes have been planned by an experienced teacher with all little ones in mind.

After each class there is always a social time in addition to the 60 minutes of fun. All children are offered banana or raisins and water. We offer tea and coffee to all adults too as well as a listening ear. We know how it feels to be up all night with a poorly toddler and we definitely know how hard being a parent and carer is.

 Popcat’s now also runs sessions in care homes for the elderly with specific focus on motor skills, stimulation and co ordination.


Catherine Williams
T: 07986948576

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