Pride Road

Pride Road is an architectural practice franchise dedicated to helping disenfranchised women achieve meaningful, flexible careers with a work-life balance.

Architect, Lisa Raynes was an employee of leading architectural practices for a decade but had to create her own business out of necessity. When she realised her business model was promising, she founded Pride Road to help women that were in a similar position to her, and she has since never looked back.

Pride Road helps its franchisees by helping them to return to the industry after maternity leave, to give them flexible careers that can fit around their family life, (Lisa has three children), and to give them the skills, knowledge and resources to thrive in this male dominated industry.

Her proven business model involves working closely with homeowners and people with smaller projects, so she can ride out the downturn comfortably, while being able to truly contribute to people’s lives. By going against the traditional way of running an architectural practice, Lisa achieved a work-life balance that allows her to use her skills, experience, creativity and training in a meaningful way.

Pride Road is leading the way in making the industry a more progressive and inclusive place.

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Lisa Raynes RIBA

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