Sandstone Yoga & Pilates

We offer a business opportunity those interested in owning a lifestyle, leisure business. Perhaps you’re a back to work Mum? Maybe you want to change your corporate career into something focussed on helping others? You may be a yoga studio owner looking to convert to the Sandstone model? The great thing about Sandstone yoga & Pilates is it’s a business you can operate whilst offering flexibility around family life.

Whether you are from a yoga background or not, our franchise provides 200 hours of yoga teacher training, enabling you to further your existing practice, or as a beginner, become more knowledgeable and confident in all aspects of yoga. You can even teach a portion of your own classes if you wanted to.

Our Business Hub team provides training and support in all aspects of running a yoga studio. Finance, operations, marketing, design and sales training, as well as our unique offering of business mentoring ensure that you are up and running confidently. Our business model is approved by high street banks Natwest, Lloyds and HSBC so you couldn’t be in better hands with regards to additional financing. We are also accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Creating a yoga community in your own location is something special. Reaching out to the people around you. Offering them a warm welcome and knowing that you’re helping them with their physical and mental wellbeing is something that we really believe in at Sandstone.


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Michelle Nicklin SYT

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