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These days, it is very rare to come across a service that is not yet offered nationally, and with a ready customer base that is untapped…The Massage Company is one of those rarities.

In the UK, The Massage Company has identified a potential market for their service that is not yet offered by any other company, and they are now the first to introduce a franchise opportunity that mirrors one of the most rapidly growing business models in the US over the last 15 years to the UK.

The vision is simple: to bring high-quality massage to the mainstream.

The Massage Company want people to see massage as good value for money, so it can become a vital and routine part of a better and balanced quality of life. A regular high-quality massage can help improve mental and physical wellbeing and, through The Massage Company, it can now become an essential part of a better and balanced life.

In 2002, the first US membership-based massage therapy franchise business opened its first location. It’s success was undeniable. Consumers were ready for the convenience and affordability of massage therapy that came with guaranteed safety standards and professionalism.

In 2016 in the US, consumers spent between $11-12 billion on massage therapy services and a large portion of this came from franchised businesses in this sector.

By the end of 2017, there were more than 2,000 massage therapy and spa franchised locations in the US servicing millions of consumers on a monthly basis.

This has been an average of over 130 new centres opening every year for 15 years!!

The market is huge with an average single centre in the largest network generating equivalent annual revenues of over £900,000 and Annual Net Profits (EBITDA) in excess of £105,000.

The Massage Company, through its franchise programme, is now offering investors in the UK the opportunity to share in this success.

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