The Purple House Clinic

The value of psychological well-being is fast becoming part of the public consciousness and many people do not wish to endure long NHS waiting lists. The Purple House Clinic was founded in 2011 as private provider of psychological healthcare, allowing individuals (and corporate referrers) the option to self-refer and self-fund.

From the outset, we have held the vision of offering a wide range of services to people of all ages, providing only the highest of level of expert care. Our clinics comprise of teams of Clinical Psychologists, Educational Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Occupational Therapists. We provide several specialist therapy and assessment services, offering help for a range of mental health difficulties and developmental disorders.

Franchisees will usually be qualified Clinical Psychologists, seeking the opportunity own and operate their own Purple House Clinic in a new geographical location. With the systems and business infrastructure taken care of, they are able to focus on their clinical work and on building up a team of clinicians to work alongside them. Purple House Clinics stand out significantly from lone private practitioners, gaining the confidence of clients who recognise Purple House as an established, professional organisation with an increasing reputation across the UK.

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Dr Katie Morris (Managing Director)

The Purple House Clinic

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