100 Years of the Vote

Today we celebrate the centenary of women being given the right to vote. Whilst the fight for equality continues, we reflect on the many achievements and empowering moments for women across the past 100 years, and why the feminism movement and EWIF cause is more important than ever.


1918: Women are Given the Right to VOTE!

1866 saw the beginning of the suffrage movement, with various groups being formed across the UK. The suffragettes hosted mass rallies, marches and hunger-strikes, all to give women the right to vote. Over 1,300 women were arrested for partaking in the movement. However, in 1918, women were finally given the right to vote, they so strongly deserved!


1963: The United States Equal Pay Act was Passed

The Equal Pay Act was passed by the 35th President of the United States, John F Kennedy. Whilst in office, JFK described the inequalities faced by women both in and out of the work place and introduced the Equal Pay Act to combat discrimination in workplaces across the States. However, the Equal Pay Act did not come into play in the UK until 1970!


1983: The First Women in Space

Sally Rider was the first woman who travelled into space – The field was dominated by men at the time, making this a huge step forward for women in STEM careers. Whilst NASA’s employees are made up of 1/3 women, the sector as a whole is lacking with recruiting women, as on average women only represent 22% of the workforce in STEM careers.


1984: The First Women Franchisor!

This is a personal favourite for us here at EWIF…
1984 saw Mary Perkins launch her business, Specsavers, which quickly became a franchise! Recently, Dame Mary Perkins was announced as Britain’s richest self-made woman.


2012: Youngest Self-Made Female Billionaire

In 2012, Sarah Blakely (founder of Spanx), became the worlds youngest self-made female billionaire, proving to us all that all it takes is an ‘out-of-the-box’ business idea and you’re good to go!


In celebration of the centenary, many TV shows including Celebrity Big Brother and The Secret Life of 5 Year Olds have dedicated airtime to recognising the anniversary! Marking the 100-year anniversary, The Secret Life of 5 Year Olds aired an all girl’s episode, asking the girls to vote on a variety of topics. However, one young girl broke into tears after being told she is unable to vote, demonstrating the increasing importance of the continued fight for equality.


Perceptions towards women are changing, and the face of franchising is changing with them. As we continue to encourage women to consider franchising, we think the gap can be closed quicker, as we help more women take control of their income, and lives, by choosing to run their own business.

So we hand things over to you… Are there differences in your franchise? Are people paid according to their skills and experiences? What can YOU do to encourage more women into franchising?