Franchising Stronger Together

We’re all at different stages of our career, so what’s next on your to-do list?

If you’ve always dreamt of running your own business, or have a business which is ready for expansion, now is the right time to turn your dream into an achievable goal. At EWiF and the bfa, we love supporting women with their career goals through franchising.

We believe you can have it all – whatever “it all” means to you.

If “it all” involves the goal to run a successful business which you can grow beyond your wildest dreams, we know this is an attainable one! We’ve seen many women tick it off their lists, fully supported by the franchise industry.

Discover how franchising can help you take control of your career

There are some identifiable barriers which hold us back from pursuing our dream. When it comes to running a business, these include:

    1. Overcoming feelings of risk-avoidance/anxiety
    2. Funding a franchise business / growing a franchise network
    3. Building a business around family commitments
    4. Dealing with a negative mindset when preparing to start a business

Over the coming month’s we’ll explore them together, and see how you can take steps to overcome every single one of them… and become the success you aspire to be.

Starting a new business with our support

Wondering if you have what it takes to start your own business? What if there is a way you can do it with the full support of people who become your tribe?

Thinking about how you can expand your business?

 Having created a thriving business, you may be at a crossroads in your business development. There’s a way to grow, without having to personally manage every expansion… your vibe attracts your tribe.

Women can grow a business, too!

We also know it’s hard to imagine yourself at the top of the ladder, when there are so few women to inspire us to make it. Franchising is filled with incredible women from all walks of life, who have taken their dreams, like you, and turned it into their own success story.

Deborah Dudley
Franchisee – Pack & Send

Single mum of two, Deborah had a dream to run her own business. With no previous experience in the sector, but the full support of her franchisor, her business is thriving.


Hannah Drury
Franchisee – Caremark Sutton

Hannah wanted to make a difference to people in her local community.
So alongside running her successful care franchise, she helps to highlight the important role carers play.

Sam Wright
Franchisee – Right at Home

Through her business, Sam, not only protected her staff and vulnerable
clients during a pandemic, she inspired her team to go the extra mile and connect with the person they’re helping.

Victoria Rowley
Franchisee – Puddle Ducks

Recovering from a serious illness which meant learning to walk again, Victoria wasn’t daunted by the pandemic, and her children’s swimming franchise is expanding.

Anna Neville
Franchisor – Kidslingo

As a Franchisor, Anna knew she needed to respond quickly, if her franchise and the network were going to survive the pandemic.


Julie Wagstaff
Franchisor – ActionCOACH UK

Julie has experienced the joys and challenges of franchising as both a franchisee and franchisor. In her current role as MD of ActionCOACH UK, she is flourishing.

Lucy Campbell
Franchisor – Right at Home

As a true leader, the Chief Operating Officer of domiciliary care franchise Right at Home, Lucy, steered her
60+ franchisees through a stormy
12 months.


Claire O’Connor
Franchisor – babyballet

Within hours of the UK lockdown starting, Claire was determined
to do more than just keep her 
business, and those of her franchisees, ticking over.

OK… I think I can do this! What’s my next step?


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