Franchising Stronger Together

We’re all at different stages of our career, so what’s next on your to-do list?

If you’ve always dreamt of running your own business, or have a business which is ready for expansion, now is the right time to turn your dream into an achievable goal. At EWiF and the bfa, we love supporting women with their career goals through franchising.


We believe you can have it all – whatever “it all” means to you.

If “it all” involves the goal to run a successful business which you can grow beyond your wildest dreams, we know this is an attainable one! We’ve seen many women tick it off their lists, fully supported by the franchise industry.

What is franchising?

Franchising is a simple concept. It is a business system which is already proven successful and has been developed into a framework for others to replicate, and grow their own business. When you think of franchising, what do you think of? For some people, franchising is associated with coffee shops and fast food. For others, franchising is something they’ve heard about because a friend is involved in one, but they don’t know much more about it. Whilst others hear about a movie franchise, but are unsure how it relates to a business opportunity.

Franchises operate in pretty much any sector you can think of. From HR to accountancy; from car charging to cleaning and maintenance; from kids services to adult care; from hospitality to property; from printing and publishing to delivery services; from personal coaching to health and fitness, and everything in between! Whatever your interest, experience or skillset, there is a business model which will work for you.

And if you have a business you want to turn into a franchise, there will be a sector open to you, with other franchisors from whom you can connect, and learn.

According to the bfa, the definition of franchising is: “a business partnership bound by a legal contract (franchise agreement) which will permit the investor (franchisee) to operate, using the brand owner’s (franchisor) brand and replicate the very same operating business model.”

So, essentially, you are investing in a business model which someone else has developed, and is proven to be successful. The franchisor has already identified key aspects of running a business, like target audiences, service and product demand, and the ability to not just make money, but scale your business for growth.

Discover how franchising can help you take control of your career

There are some identifiable barriers which hold us back from pursuing our dream. When it comes to running a business, these include:

  1. Overcoming feelings of risk-avoidance/anxiety
  2. Funding a franchise business / growing a franchise network
  3. Building a business around family commitments
  4. Dealing with a negative mindset when preparing to start a business

Knowing your options can help you take control of your career

Research has shown how women often don’t run their own business because they don’t know where to start. If you knew what opportunities were open to you, we think you’d soar as the owner of your own business.

The biggest barrier for female entrepreneurs: Finance

When you think about barriers holding you back from starting your own business, how high up the list is finance? For some, it’s the lack of funds, for others, it’s the fear of not having a regular income, or having to borrow money.


Building a business around your family commitments. 

There are many similarities between running a business and managing a family. No matter how old your children are, there are opportunities open for you to start your own business, right across the franchise industry. 

Dealing with a negative mindset 

So, one of the first steps to reaching your desired goal, is to change your mindset… easier than it sounds, right?! We recognise we live through experiences which shape how we perceive ourselves and could hold us back from pursuing our career goals.

Role models who inspire us

At EWiF, we recognise the power found in women working together: #WeAreStrongerTogether. 

But, did you know franchising is filled with incredible women from all walks of life? Women who took their dreams, and made them a personal success story. We hope, as you read their stories, you’re as inspired by them as we are.

Maybe even inspired enough to start your own franchising story.

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