Discover the benefit of speaking to a franchise mentor

If you’re curious about franchising, there’s only so much Google can tell you. Sometimes, having a conversation with a real person can help to bring clarity, as you try to make sense of exactly how franchising can work for you. It gives you scope to explore your future with someone who’s walked the path you’re on.

This is why EWiF Ambassadors are looking forward to making time to talk to you about the joy of franchising. There are over 900+ franchise brands operating successfully in the UK – the right one for you can be found, and you’ll soon be able to turn your dream of business ownership into reality.

Talk to us and let us help you #FindYourTribe

What can you expect in your free 30 minute mentoring session?

Whilst each of our EWiF Ambassadors will approach their mentoring session with you in a personal way, the kind of direction you can expect the conversation to take will be. Your mentor will:

  • try to understand you and the journey you’re on
  • share some of the details of their own franchise journey
  • discuss the benefit of franchising they’ve experienced
  • and answer any questions you may have.

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