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Jo White

Jo White

EWiF East Regional Chair


I’m Jo White, founder of We Love Pets, one of the UK’s leading pet care franchising businesses. I set up the business in 2008, stepping into the world of franchising in 2013. Currently, we have 170 branches across the UK, the success of which has enabled us to recently expand into launching our own pet food business.

I’m delighted that I have recently been invited to Chair regional EWiF meetings in the East of England and I am hoping to warmly welcome those of you who would like to attend. I am hoping to use these meetings as an opportunity to share useful franchising tips and advice, within a supportive, relaxed and confidential environment. We’ll have a fabulous guest speaker at each meeting and you will have the opportunity to share ideas and ask questions. 

My aim is to build a space for people in the franchise industry around the East of the county to network and to help each other, as well as to work closely with the EWiF national network to promote franchising nationally. 

This year, we’re running a Bring-A-Buddy scheme, where we are inviting our ambassadors to invite a ‘buddy’ along to any of the EWiF meetings, to see for themselves what we’re all about. We want to encourage more women into franchising for themselves, one of the best ways we believe we can do this, is by expanding our inspirational army of EWiF Ambassadors. Connect your friends to an industry which could enhance their business, or benefit from their services, plus you could win EWiF Ambassador of the Month if your friend(s) becomes an EWiF member!

So, take a look at your inner circle or network. Who are you connected with, and what could they offer to the wider franchise community? Or, how could franchising inspire them to fulfil their true self? Then, just invite them along to the next meeting in your region. If we all invited just one person, and they, in time, invited someone else, through the power of connection EWiF’s impact could really grow in 2023!

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