2019 National Conference

The EWIF National Conference takes place in September every year to give members, both new and old, the opportunity to come together, network and share ideas and expert knowledge. Each year the conference grows with us achieving a record number of attendees and are always pleased to welcome so many of our members joining together to celebrate the success of the year! The event is open to both men and women and you don’t have to be a member of EWIF to attend. 


Date: Thursday 19th September 2019, from 9:30am – 4:00pm

Venue: Mercure Brandon Hall Hotel & Spa, Main St, Brandon, Coventry, CV8 3FW


**Please note: Due to the venue’s security restrictions, we need to provide the names of everyone who is attending the event. Unfortunately, this means we need the details of each attendee. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Caroline Pankhurst

This year’s keynote speaker is representative of EWIF’s  values and will be bringing an uplifting, encouraging and empowering segment to the conference. Caroline changed her last name to Pankhurst in 2014, committing herself to feminism, equality and diversity and to cement a feminist dimension to herself and her business.

Caroline is the Founder of Be Braver, a purpose-led organisation empowering teams and individuals to realise personal potential and commercial growth through a transformational change programme. As a coach, speaker, gender equality and diversity advocate, Caroline aims to enable women to be the most fearless, bravest versions of themselves they can be. For us all to become our own “HERoes”, realise our full potential and achieve seemingly impossible goals.

With the help of a panel of 2019 EWIF Award winners, Caroline will be delving into The Be Braver Model, of Clarity, Confidence and Courage, where she’ll show us that with the right mindset, purpose and tools we can all achieve extra-ordinary things. You just need to choose to Be Your Own HERo.

Award-winners panel

Anne-Marie Martin

diddi dance

Christina Taylor-Chisholm

Popolo Ceramico

Jo Stone

Puddle Ducks

Suzie McCafferty

Suzie is the CEO of Platinum Wave Franchising – an international, independent, bfa accredited franchise consultancy firm, established in 2010.

With nearly 20 years of first-hand international franchising experience, Suzie is a well-known personality in the franchising world. Not only does she help other businesses achieve their potential, she has successfully franchised her own retail business, growing the company to more than 70 franchisees, across six countries within a seven year period. Suzie is also a Non-Executive Director with two of the UK’s leading franchise brands.

During her session, Suzie will be sharing her experiences and top tips for building, developing and managing successful franchise operations.

Sarah Cressall

Unleash the wonder of you! Discover how to dream, believe and achieve in this interactive and creative workshop. Sarah Cressall founder of Creation Station, multi award-winning entrepreneur and Amazon best-selling number one author, shares personal stories, top tips and practical methods to help you move your business to where you want it to be.

Adam Lovelock

Adam is a Director of Coconut Creatives and Co-Founder of Astonish Email. A seasoned marketer, online marketing evangelist and experienced entrepreneur, Adam is franchise marketing obsessed. He, and some of the team from Coconut, will be leading a workshop on franchisee recruitment – the subject we are asked about more than anything else. For this session, we will work in groups on how to target your ideal franchisees in the current and future landscape of franchisee recruitment.