This holiday season consider ditching the plastic toys or the high-tech gadgets and give an ‘experience’ gift that could have a huge impact on someone’s life. It’s no surprise that having a baby changes everything and it can take a while for parents to get to grips with it all.

In fact, research from the University of Tilburg in the Netherlands surveyed more than 84,000 pregnant women during pregnancy and up to three years after their babies were born. They found that even three years after having a baby, most women still hadn’t regained the self-confidence they had before getting pregnant.

Tara McGoune is mum to little Katie. Tara found it challenging to adjust to her new role and the loneliness that can hit many first-time parents. Living in Northern Ireland, Tara felt that there was a huge gap in the market in the mum and baby groups so when she came upon the Razzamataz brand and their new Early Years offering, she knew it was something that would be welcomed in her area.

“As a new mother myself, for the first year, I found it difficult as most do,” says Tara. “I wanted to get out and about to attend classes but I felt the variety and choice of baby/toddler classes in this area was extremely limited.”

Tara is now the Principal of Razzamataz Early Years Tryone & Fermanagh, offering Razz Tiny Tots, which is a class especially designed for babies (to they start walking) and their parent/carers. It also includes the established products of Razz Tots for children walking to age three and Razz Minis for those age four to six.

There are a number of Razzamataz Early Years classes across the UK and they are all offering Razzamataz gift vouchers, giving a new parents the chance to enjoy meeting others locally and for the children, the opportunity to experience the fun of performing arts. Throughout the Razzamataz schools, there are many examples of how parents and their littles ones are benefitting from the care and attention that Principals and the staff are providing.

“Tiny Tots class is a great idea and class to be a part of,” explains Ashley Johnstone, Minis and Tiny Tots parent, Razzamataz Dumfries. “Both Tiny Tots and parents can have a fun session bonding and socializing with others and my little one loves the freedom of movement she can have in class as we all know Tiny Tots love to discover everything.”

For new mums such as Natasha who attends Razzamataz Ballymena, the chance to meet other parents has been lovely as she explains: “I really enjoyed the class and getting to know the other mums. It was good interaction for my eight month old baby.”

Research has shown that even very young babies and children benefit from performing arts. It encourages team work and communication skills and helps to build muscle strength and endurance.

“My three-year-old just loves coming to her Razzamataz class on a Tuesday,” says Ballymena parent Jill. “Her speech has come on so much since starting class too. Each class is varied with selection of songs, roleplay and craft which are always fun for both child and adult and precious bonding time for me and my child.”

As a new parent, it can often feel isolating and even a little scary starting a new class but the Principals understand how to make you feel at ease and to settle the littles ones quickly: “We love going to Razzamataz,” says Laura Tummon from Razzamataz Early Years Tyrone & Fermanagh. “It’s always great fun and Tara makes everyone welcome.”

The positive change in students through performing arts is one of the most joyful parts of being a Razzamataz Principal as Denise Hutton-Gosney, MD and Founder of Razzamataz explains: “Throughout our 20 years’ of teaching children, we have seen such changes in students and it’s been a pleasure watching them flourish and grow in confidence. It’s a privilege to be part of their lives and see how they benefit from each experience that Razzamataz offers them. They shyest child can come to us at two and turn into the most confident young person, anything is possible with support and exposure to opportunities.”

Razzamataz is gearing up to celebrate 20 years in business in 2020 with a special Conference held on 20 January 2020 at the stunning Atmosphere Venues in Millbank, London. During the Conference, the team will be celebrating many of these successful stories from both students and Principals.

Selected potential franchisees are being invited to attend, giving them a chance to meet Denise and the Head Office team and to find out more about running a Razzamataz Early Years Franchise, which has been created to cater to the demand for people wanting to work in the children’s performing arts industry but who do not have the relevant experience to launch a full Razzamataz Theatre School.

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