This month, a brand new MagiKats Tuition Centre opens in Coventry, with Rachel Stamper as Principal. MagiKats offers out-of-school tutoring in maths, English and reasoning, for any child from pre-school to GCSE.

Weekly, interactive workshops help children and teenagers improve their subject skills, study skills and confidence. The workshops support the school curriculum and provide a core skills development programme. With study skills, thinking skills and problem-solving skills included at every level, the effect of the MagiKats programmes spreads across all subjects. Each child is provided with a different programme to follow, meaning the work is tailored specifically to the individual.

Rachel has an honours degree from the University of Birmingham, a PGCE qualification from the University of the West of England and has 6 years’ experience of teaching in Coventry schools. She describes herself as having a:

“passion for providing children with the necessary skills needed for their future. Not just through teaching the National Curriculum content, but through developing them as individuals. I enjoy working in an environment where children are the focus, and I love watching children become successful and confident learners through the education that I provide. I am a highly organised individual and hard worker, which has allowed me to be successful in both my work and personal life to date.”

Having taken a career break to travel the world, on her return Rachel was instantly drawn to MagiKats and says, “it was clear that the education MagiKats provides to support local children with their learning, agreed with my personal values towards tutoring”.

Rachel now says she is looking forward to being part of an established brand with a high standard of working, getting to know her pupils and helping them reach their full potential.

She has lived in Coventry all her life (apart from her university years and a period of travel). She’s married and enjoys gardening, reading, jogging and going on long walks.