Just 18 months since purchasing her first Domestic Angels franchise territory, Debbie Broomfield has collaborated with husband Jamie to take over the long-established Southbourne, Dorset territory. After enjoying incredible success establishing and building the Christchurch territory, Broomfield’s strategic move to expand her Domestic Angels portfolio is proof that the management franchise model is a recipe for success.

When asked why she wanted to invest in a second territory, Debbie explained “My business is thriving and still continues to grow providing me with a very good income. My husband has seen my success, so we started to talk about possibly buying another franchise to increase our territory to provide an income for both of us. He has seen my passion in what I do and how it has worked for our family running my own business from home. This has shown him the potential we have as a couple to purchase another franchise and make it work for both of us.”

The home-based management franchise is built on the award-winning Domestic Angels business model originally established in 2002 by Samantha Acton. The decision to franchise the model has allowed Acton and her innovative team to introduce a product to the franchise market which disrupts long held perceptions and beliefs. “Technology advances have not only enabled more people to work from home it also allows talented budding entrepreneurs to employ and manage teams within sophisticated businesses. The Domestic Angels model provides all of the component parts for these folk to enjoy swift success.”

Collaborating with Debbie, husband Jamie Broomfield provides the facts behind his decision to get involved with Domestic Angels “I could see from my wife’s experiences with running Domestic Angels Christchurch the huge potential of the business. It’s perfectly suited toservice all types of customers from busy families to older customers requiring a bit of extra help. She even has contracts with some local schools! Taking on Southbourne to run alongside Christchurch was the obvious next step. We plan to grow it as well as Christchurch has grown providing an unrivalled service to the local area.”