Aarti Trivedi Dasmunshi will head up the new The Busy Queen Bee Mumbai franchise, and Miriam Murugo will head up The Busy Queen Bee Nairobi; both will be launching on 24th December.

Aarti has been a Customer Service Evaluator and Auditor since 2014 in USA and in Mumbai. She has also written a book ‘Mystery Shopping – Get Paid without Paying anything’ her own stories on being a Mystery Shoppers.

Miriam has a hospitality background and having worked at l’Horizon Hotel & Spa, 9 years ago, it was at that occasion that she worked with Claire, and loved her passion for service. After moving back to Kenya Miriam never stop watching what she was doing knowing that one day, she could be part of her team.

‘The opportunity to be part of The Busy Queen Bee franchise was something I could not pass up, Miriam says, I am thrilled to be developing Mystery Shopping service in Nairobi, it is something our local businesses will need so they can improve their service delivery, I cannot wait to start buzzing.’

Aarti said: ‘Claire is a formidable force in the customer services industry having developed an extensive network of clients and a very comprehensive Franchise opportunity. I am extremely excited about the new venture in Mumbai.’


Claire Boscq-Scott established The Busy Queen Bee brand in 2009 and has more than 25 years’ global experience in the customer services industry.

“The mystery shopping division of the business now caters to more than 40 companies, across four islands, with 85 professionally trained mystery shoppers. We also offer extensive training programs in customer service, speed buzzing events and most recently, launched the book, Thrive with The Hive,” said Claire. She launched her first Franchise in 2015 and is now looking at growing the Franchise opportunity in French and English speaking countries.

“I am very proud of The Busy Queen Bee brand and the development of the franchise model is one part in our plan to continue to expand the business, its service offering and locations. Having Aarti in Mumbai and Miriam in Nairobi is amazing, not only to raise the standard of customer service around the world but also to empower women to start their own successful business with the help and support of moi, the Franchisor and I very much look forward to their success.”