“Life now looks and feels very different; I’m very grateful to everyone who has supported me to achieve this.”

“EWIF really is special, which makes winning this accolade so important.”

Inspirational Woman of the Year: Angela Stirling, Lingotot
As an advocate of the power of franchising, especially for women, we couldn’t help but feel inspired by our award winner for 2023.

This is usually one of the hardest awards to give to just one person as we can honestly say we’re inspired every day by all the incredible people involved with EWiF, and the wider franchising world. However, this year we’re very happy to award a real shining light: Angela Sterling, founder of Lingotot.

There’s a good chance you’ve heard Angela’s name before, as her franchise has grown to become one of the UK’s most successful, with a number of awards already to its name. Founded in 2010, Lingotot now provides it’s multi award-winning language classes to over 15,000 children every week. With well over 100 teachers in its network, it’s certainly grown to become a business to be reckoned with, and having a positive impact on both children, their parents, and the communities they live in.

However, Inspirational Woman of the Year 2023 is as much about Angela’s impact on franchising as a whole, as it is about her achievements as a businesswoman. She’s always gone above and beyond to help not only her franchise network, but the wider industry, too. She’s long been passionate about the importance of creating a supportive franchise network in empowering others, and has been instrumental in positive change right across the industry.

She regularly meets with MPs, and once with the Prime Minister, to advocate the power of franchising in business, and she works continually to educate others about its importance in both the professional and personal lifeblood of the UK.

“I am absolutely thrilled to win the award,” Angela says. “I’ve been a finalist many, many times. So, to finally win was great! This last year, I’ve done more to promote the franchising industry as a great option for women. Now my children are a little older, it’s been easier for me to get out there and spread the word!”

While this award is certainly a celebration of all of Angela’s huge personal and professional achievements, it also recognises her continuing commitment to championing franchising for women. “I’m hoping this award will help to highlight what a great option franchising is for women, in particular. Those who love the idea of being a business owner, but are looking for support to do so.”

EWiF is about showing how we’re stronger together, with a rising number of women finding a new sense of purpose through running their own businesses, fully supported by their franchise. It’s a real joy to see. With inspirational women, like Angela, showing us the way forward, we have every reason to believe the future will be very bright indeed!


Franchising offers all women the chance to ‘be their own boss’. Organisations like Encouraging Women into Franchising (EWiF) and The British Franchise Association (bfa) provide support to women wanting to enter franchising with services like EWiF’s volunteer mentors and the bfa’s free online Prospect Franchisee Certificate.