Here at EWIF, we are delighted to announce that throughout the year 2018, we will be supporting women’s charity, Rosa.

Many of you put forward your thoughts on which charity we should choose and it’s a shame we can only pick one. When we read about the work of Rosa it seemed clear that this was the cause for us! Thank you to those of you who put them forward.

Rosa is a charitable fund set up to support initiatives that benefit women and girls in the UK. Whilst many women and girls here do enjoy freedom of choice and the opportunity for success in their lives, that’s simply not true for all.

So, Rosa was established to mobilise resources in order to empower disadvantaged women and girls. Since 2008, they have supported projects that help make the UK a safer, healthier, more economically just and more representative country for women and girls. Rosa spots talent and develops leaders in the community. They provide grants, training, networking and other step-up support to grassroots groups and national campaigns – championing and raising awareness of the issues they’re tackling.

“Women are never short of ideas to create positive change in their lives – Often short of the funding needed to turn dreams into reality.”
Rosa UK

Key Rosa messages

  • Gender equality is everybody’s business, and can’t be achieved without vibrant, articulate women’s organisations tackling issues and challenging inequality across the country.
  • Rosa is the first and still the only UK-wide fund dedicated to women and girls – they raise funds to invest in change because while women aren’t short of ideas to improve their lives, they often lack funds to underpin action.
  • They know that small grants to grassroots women’s projects can make a big difference; they have a reputation for reaching groups that no-one else can, of championing cutting edge issues that few others will touch, and connecting people and groups with the issues that matter.

So far, Rosa has distributed over £2M to groups across the UK working across four key areas: leadership and representation, safety and violence, economic justice, health and wellbeing. Click here to view the map detailing all of the grants Rosa has made since 2009.

Not only do they do all of the amazing work above, it’s their 10-year anniversary this year so we thought who better to partner with for our own 10-year anniversary. Together we are #10yearsSTRONG.

To find out more info about how you can help EWIF to support Rosa, check back later when we announce our regional fund-raising plans for EWIF week 17th – 21st September 2018.

Click here to find out more about Rosa.