This year’s EWIF National Conference keynote speaker is representative of EWIF’s dominant values and will be bringing an uplifting, encouraging and empowering segment to the conference. Caroline changed her last name to Pankhurst in 2014, committing herself to feminism, equality and diversity and to cement a feminist dimension to herself and her business.

Caroline Pankhurst is the Founder Be Braver, a purpose-led organisation empowering teams and individuals to realise personal potential and commercial growth through a transformational change programme. As a coach, speaker, gender equality and diversity advocate, Caroline aims to enable women to be the most fearless, bravest versions of themselves they can be. 


Be Braver was founded to enable women to realise their full potential and achieve seemingly impossible goals and ambitions.Her approach inspires individuals, teams and leaders to become their own “HERoes” and realise their own true potential.

With the help of a panel of 2019 EWIF Award winners, Caroline will be delving into The Be Braver Model, of Clarity, Confidence and Courage, where she’ll show us that with the right mindset, purpose and tools we can all achieve extra-ordinary things. You just need to choose to Be Your Own HERo.

As a post-graduate in Psychology, a Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner, a certified Animas Transformational Coach and accredited by both the International Coach Federation and the Association for Coaching, Caroline is a very sought-after coach and currently has a long waiting list for her one-to-one mentoring.

If that wasn’t enough, Caroline also works with individuals, organisations and businesses to improve gender equality. She sits on the committee of the recently launched GM4Women2028 coalition – a coalition of change-makers committed to seeing a better future for the women of her local community in Manchester.

We are beyond excited to welcome Caroline to this year’s EWIF National Conference, where she is sure to educate, inspire and empower everyone present to Be Braver!

The EWIF Annual Conference is taking place on Thursday 19th September 2019, at Mercure Brandon Hall Hotel & Spa, Coventry. To book your tickets to this year’s EWIF National Conference, click here.  

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