Avant’s owner Sally Graham first entered the care sector when she started working in the family care home business. She then started her care business with Carewatch in 1996 as a franchisee, and quickly built up a highly successful multi-site operation, covering nine territories and turning over £12 million+. She was frequently awarded the coveted Franchisee of the Year award and contributed greatly to the development of the franchise model. Her driving passion was to deliver quality care services through a dependable, dedicated care and central support team. In 2010, she sold her franchised business to one of the UK’s top five home care companies, driven by the desire to set up and run her own independent operation, building on the successes she had achieved, supported by her Operations Manager, Deepa Dungar who has worked with Sally for over 8 years.

Through Avant, Sally wants to share her knowledge and experience, to help franchisees develop thriving home care businesses and enjoy the same kind of success she has achieved. Her vision is to create an outstanding UK-owned franchise network, providing quality services to help a wide range of people retain their independence.

The Avant model is about choosing the right people, so we have a robust selection process prior to awarding a territory to an Avant Franchise Business Partner. It won’t be an easy process, but that’s because creating something special never is. Sally is determined to be the best rather than racing to be just the biggest, thus ensuring we grow through quality, rather than quantity.

One of the key elements in Sally’s success is her unique skills in the effective scheduling and rostering of the care rotas for the staff to gain maximum efficiency. These skills form a major part of the intense induction and ongoing training programme developed for franchisees. Sally does not accept second best so only those with a clear desire to be successful in the delivery of a quality care business should consider the Avant franchise model.

The Avant model The model is very straight forward; long-term business growth based on exceptional services provided by caring people. This is a stable growing market with longevity, where excellent work and high standards unlock opportunities.

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