It’s been a challenging year for all businesses but with the support that a franchise offers, confidence for the future is strong with new franchisees joining and existing ones renewing their franchise agreement.

Razzamataz Theatre Schools has five franchisees renewing their agreement this academic year; Razzamataz Leeds, Razzamataz Chester, Razzamataz Weymouth, Razzamataz Carlisle and Razzamataz Mansfield. We talk to Lauren Bill, Principal of Razzamataz Weymouth about her transition from teaching to successful business owner and how she balances it all with a young family.

How many years are you celebrating 

We launched in September 2011 so we are coming up to our ten-year anniversary at Razzamataz Weymouth.

What is your background

I achieved my degree in Dance and Culture from the University of Surrey and then completed my PGCE in Dance Education straight after this. I was a dance lecturer at Weymouth College when I started my Razzamataz school and was quickly able to reduce my hours to part time. Although I loved teaching, as the business grew, I knew that Razzamataz had my heart and I was able to leave my teaching position fully in 2015. The transition felt super smooth and, to sum it up in one word… right. I was able to fully focus on my business and growing the school to numbers I never thought possible and achieve a flexible work/life balance.

What do you love about your business

What I loved about teaching was the interaction with students, creativity in the studio and sharing my passion for the arts. I get all this and much more from running my business which I can manage to fit in with my lifestyle. I am free to decide my own working hours and set my own goals. It’s all the benefits of teaching but on your own terms. And I love it.

What are you most proud of

It’s so difficult to narrow this down! The last ten years have honestly been beyond anything I could have dreamed. My biggest achievement has to be the life skills we offer the students at Razzamataz Weymouth. Not only do they learn to sing, dance and act but they develop their confidence, build self-esteem, make friends, and become part of a team. For me, the true joy in running my business is watching my students improve, develop and grow into lovely young people.

Why did you decide to renew your franchise agreement

I don’t ever want to stop! Razzamataz is my full time job, I work for myself and I love it. It was a huge step when I was able to take my business into an afternoon school as well as morning. This also meant I had the financial ability to hire a facility I am so proud of.

What are the benefits of being part of the Razzamataz network

The Razzamataz network is full of incredibly talented Principals who all share the same set of passions and goals. What is amazing is how much everybody supports each other and how wiling everybody is to share their business wins and learnings. For example, I’ve been able to launch an additional class called Project Intense following the model set by Razzamataz Medway, which has added an extra revenue stream for me and valuable additional training for my students.

What is your live/work life balance like

Working for yourself and mainly from home has its positives and challenges. Over the last ten years I’ve trained myself to be more productive with my time and work smarter, not harder. What I love the most is that since my little girl Amelia has come along, I know I can fit my schedule around family time. I’m free to do the school run and fit work around her activities and needs. It does sometimes mean I have to work in the evenings or early in the morning but to be honest, I’m ok with that. I love the flexibility of my work.

What are your plans for the future 

I’d like to continue offering more and more for my Razzamataz Weymouth students. Additional classes to further develop their training are definitely on the horizon and perhaps an after school week day set of classes.

Words of wisdom

If you have the passion to open your own theatre school, I would recommend joining the Razzamataz network wholeheartedly. Joining this network changed my life.

Hear from our Founder

MD and Founder of Razzamataz Theatre Schools Denise Hutton-Gosney is delighted that all franchisees are renewing their agreements. “As a network, we’ve come through the first lockdown stronger than ever before and I believe that the life skills that we offer all students will continue to future-proof all of our schools.”

Jude Hill and Phil Cole, Principals Razzamataz Leeds: “As a network I’m really proud of all of our Principals in terms of inclusivity. Phil and Jude are so passionate about working with SEN students and they have made a huge impact on their community.”

Lauren Bill, Principal Razzamataz Weymouth: “Lauren is a real asset to our network. Her extensive experience of working in schools enabled her to write our own behaviour management policy, which has been hugely beneficial, especially to those that don’t have this background. Her commitment and dedication is not just providing a robust business, it is also creating a huge amount of opportunity for the young people of Weymouth.”

Debbie Mitchell, Principal Razzamataz Carlisle: “Debbie is consistently inspiring to not just her own students and staff, but to the network as a whole. She has raised thousands of pounds for charity and provides endless exciting experiences for her students.”

Claire Blower, Principal Razzamataz Mansfield: “Claire is hugely passionate and creative and is able to translate this into her school. She is always happy to share these ideas with the network and is a wonderful example of someone who has been able to use her creative experience to enhance her business.”

Chloe Lee, Principal Razzamataz Chester: “Chloe is so passionate about her school and is an incredible Principal who loves what she does. We have many young business owners such as Chloe and it is wonderful to be a part of the career they have created.”

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