The results are in from the 2016 survey and Business Doctors has been awarded 5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction by independent pollsters Smith & Henderson.

Franchisees were asked to anonymously rate Business Doctors on measures including training and support, the effectiveness of the franchise system and culture and relationships.

To ensure fair representation, at least 50 percent of franchisees had to be included in the survey.

Only those franchisors with above average feedback on every area are awarded a 5 Star rating. This is the second time Business Doctors has received top marks.

Some of the anonymous comments received include “Wish I had done this 10 years ago with this franchise, it is excellent” and “It feels more like a partnership than a franchise”.

Another franchisee said: “Really friendly and helpful network to draw upon.  The established franchisees are a gold mine of information and practical advice. Hands on support from both franchisor and regional directors has been very good”.

Rod Davies, co-owner Business Doctors, said: “We know that we have really positive relationships with our franchisees, but it’s always extra special to hear it officially.

“Our 5 Star rating gives potential new franchisees reassurance that they are buying into a top class system that is producing results – and satisfied franchisees – across the board.”

The FSB (Franchisee Satisfaction Benchmark) is provided by Smith & Henderson, a leading independent franchise consultancy.  It works by inviting existing franchisees to participate in an anonymous online survey which asked them 32 questions about their franchise ownership experience.  Using a consistent methodology, the franchise is assigned an overall FSB score and the highest performing franchisors are recognised in the Best Franchise Awards, sponsored by RBS. For more information please visit