ThinkSmart Software has become an industry leader within many class based industries, in both Australia and the UK. Our product, ClassBiz, is a management tool used by thousands of franchisees around the globe and has now become an essential part of their business.

ClassBiz is a software package that has been designed to take the pressure off franchisees and allow them to focus more time on teaching their profession and less time on business administration.


What do Most Franchisees Want?

Franchisees are in business to share their passion and pass on their knowledge to those they teach. Focusing on this is difficult due to the amount of routine administration required which takes up far too much of a franchisees time.

What they really want is:

  1. To teach more
  2. To spend more time on what they are passionate about
  3. To have less business tasks to worry about
  4. To have things running more smoothly
  5. To enjoy a day off at the weekend and not spend hours catching up

A few words from franchisees..

“ Fabulous, easy to use software! It is an absolute dream and the support is UNBEATABLE!”
Lara Sutherland – Sounds Right Phonics Classes for Kids

“This software has completely changed our lives for the better! It has saved us hours and hours of admin time. Also the customer service is OUTSTANDING!”
Catherine Segal – babyballet East Herts & West Sussex

What are Some of The Features Available?

  • Fully automated invoicing and online payments
  • Automated email and text notifications
  • Credit & debit card charging
  • Link all classes, contact forms and enrolment forms straight to the franchise website
  • Xero & QuickBooks integration
  • Smartphone & Tablet Apps
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • Group emailing and text messaging to any selected class, day, venue etc.
  • Multiple staff accounts and access levels
  • What’s On 4 Kids integration
  • And so much more…

How can ClassBiz be customised for franchises?

ClassBiz can be fully customised to suit exactly how your franchise operates. The software will give your franchisees the flexibility to manage timetables, pricing, staff management, customer management (the list goes on) all in a way that suits them best. Every business has its own systems and processes and ClassBiz aims to cater for all these demands.

How Can You Trial ClassBiz?

Firstly, we can arrange for a ClassBiz consultant to either meet with you or organise an online demonstration of the software. We can then answer any questions you may have and sicuss some of the ways that we can help set things up. We can then offer all EWIF franchisors a free trial for one term. This allows you to test the software to ensure it does everything you need it to and during this time, we will provide as much help and support that is needed and conduct online tutorials with your franchisees.


For more information on trialling ClassBiz or organising a presentation/meeting, please contatcus on the details below.

01483 422 080