Results for the first six months of 2016 illustrate the continuing popularity of Wagging Tails home dog boarding service as increased bookings led to network turnover rising by 20% year on year in this period.

Discussing how she has found working as part of a franchise network with Wagging Tails franchisee Hilary Coates said,

“It has been a pleasure to work with franchisors who are so passionate about the way their franchise should operate as it encourages me to set high standards for myself, which will only help my business to flourish and grow. “

Alexis Bennett, a more recent addition to the network having launched her Gloucestershire franchise as recently as January 2016, added,

“It is always a challenge and a risk to totally change the direction of your career, especially when at its peak, but receiving support and knowledge from a Franchisor like Wagging Tails makes it a far easier and safer decision.

The recent increase in focus on dog welfare, featured in numerous prime time TV programmes, and access to greater information about what is good for our pets has allowed owners to make more informed decisions with regards to how they feed, exercise and board their dogs.

The result of this is that over the past two years Wagging Tails franchise network has grown by 80% and annual network turnover increased by over 55% due to the demand from owners seeking a more exclusive and personal holiday home for their dogs.

Suzy, an owner from Gloucestershire who recently used the service to give her dog, Gooshie, a holiday stated,

“Gooshie had a really wonderful time and had such fabulous walks in the countryside, or should say running in the countryside! This was Gooshie’s first visit with Sharon and Taz and he loved it and was made to feel so at home and was so very happy.”

Wagging Tails offers a home based franchise opportunity for dog owners looking to run their own business. This business would suit dog lovers from any background interested in working from home and running a business that is focussed on the welfare and love of dogs.

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