As part of the annual Domestic Angels Customer Satisfaction Survey, clients were invited to anonymously rate the housework and cleaning group of franchise companies to establish how likely they are to recommend the service. Using the globally recognised business rating system, Net Promotor Score, Domestic Angels scored an excellent 60, higher than global brands such as Apple and Microsoft.

“The Net Promotor Score is a customer loyalty metric that measures customers’ willingness to not only return for another service but also to make a recommendation to their friends, family or colleagues. A Net Promoter Score is a number from -100 from 100. Scores higher than 0 are typically considered to be good and scores above 50 are considered to be excellent. Domestic Angels scored an average of 60 across the group, this is an incredible achievement and a perfect reflection of our focus on the customer experience” explains Sam Acton, founder of the UK household brand.

The main advantage of the globally recognised Net Promotor Score system is the close correlation with a company’s current growth and potential growth. The domestic services sector is growing rapidly post lockdown on 2 levels. Firstly, an increased number of customers are securing help in the home in order to buy ‘time’, time that they came to value during the last 18 months more than ever before. Secondly, also as a direct result of the desire for time but also for control of life in general, are the new entrant business owners to the market. Domestic cleaning is often a service of choice for people who want their own business perceiving it to be a relatively simple delivery and set up. However, at the point of scaling, like any other business the simplicity begins to disappear along with the dream of a business for life. It is too early to say how the new entrants to the market will fair but invariably most fold within a year driving their customers to source services elsewhere. The current increasing customer demand along with the short-lived nature of the aforementioned start-ups plays directly into the hands of the well-established Domestic Angels.

So why have customers rated Domestic Angels so highly?  The survey also collected feedback such as ‘Appreciate the very personal helpful service when days have to change etc. Always found everyone very friendly’, ‘Great customer care, very flexible service – fits in with my family’s needs, great cleaning’ and ‘Reliable, consistent service’. These words and the score are a direct result of building a solid business culture and ethos since 2002 with a firm focus on customers. Sam tells us more “for me, customers include everyone who receive communications or contact with us. This includes paying clients, our staff, our franchisees and anyone else. This has enabled us to grow a culture where the needs of everyone within the Domestic Angels family are symbiotic. We all understand that we are all in this for a better life, it’s not just a job, nobody is just a cleaner, everyone is a human.” To preserve this culture whilst scaling, in 2017 Domestic Angels became one of the new wave of franchised businesses dominated by female business leaders spearheading the work life balance sector. By multiplying rather than simply growing, the relationships essential to the Angels magic formula has been preserved and not lost through growth. The incredible net promotor score of 60 says it all.

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