A former university outreach director from Colchester is now reaching out to a much younger audience in Essex, by setting up her own baby and children’s sleep consultancy business to help tired parents across the county get a better night’s sleep.


Lucy Murray, who worked at a senior level in education for 16 years helping young people from non-traditional backgrounds access higher education, loved her job, but she found after becoming a mum that the high-profile nature of the position meant she was missing out on precious time with her three young children. Lucy wanted to achieve a good work / life balance, and not be constricted to a 9-5 job, but she didn’t know what. Then one day, randomly, she saw an advert from Little Dreams Consulting looking for a franchisee in the Essex area.  With Lucy having struggled with her own children’s sleep when they were little, the advert sparked her interest.


Following much research and self-reflection, as this would mark a huge career and lifestyle change, Lucy met up with the team from the award-winning Little Dreams Consulting, and she instantly knew this was the career for her; the team gave her the support and confidence she needed to start her own business.


After completing the company’s extensive training programme, Lucy realised her dream of starting her own Little Dreams sleep consultancy franchise, and for the last six months has been helping little ones, and their mums and dads, all around Essex get a better night’s sleep.


With research from The Lullaby Trust showing, that more than half of parents with babies under 12 months old struggle to get their baby to sleep for more than 4 hours at a stretch, sleep deprivation is a huge problem for many families – and especially for parents wanting to return to work.  Lucy had experienced this first-hand with her own children, and knows how desperate parents can get.


Lucy said: “Extreme tiredness can be very hard to manage, and with Little Dreams award-winning, evidence-based approach, we are helping thousands of parents across the country, get a good night’s sleep.  Here in Essex, I’ve worked with many families and I love meeting the little ones and then hearing from the parents that I’ve changed their life.  It is a very fulfilling job, plus I have achieved my own personal aims of gaining a work/life balance – and I now never miss a school’s sports day or nativity play!  Having my own business has changed my life, and I’d never have done without the support of Little Dreams.”


“The funny thing is, when I tell people, particularly those who have older children in their teens, I’m a sleep consultant, they all say the same thing, that they wish I’d have been around when their children were little and recount their tales of endless sleepless nights – it’s a problem for a lot of parents, I know because I was one of them.


“I think its traditionally been thought that a child not sleeping is the norm, but it’s exhausting; I’m hoping to break that stigma here in Essex, and show parents who are struggling with sleep deprivation that it is ok to ask for help – and then help them achieve all the health, developmental, and educational benefits that come as a result,” added Lucy.


For further information on Little Dreams Chelmsford and Colchester’s sleep consultancy services, which include antenatal packages and personalised sleeping plans for babies / infants up to the age of 3 years and children up to the age of 10 years, please email Lucy via Lucy@littledreamschelmsfordandcolchester.com  for a free consultation, or visit chelmsfordandcolchester.littledreamsconsulting.com


For further information on franchising opportunities with Little Dreams Consulting, please visit https://www.littledreamsconsulting.com/start-a-franchise/