In a world where the performing arts play a vital role in shaping the education and personal development of young people, the importance of well-trained and supported teachers cannot be overstated. Recognising this, Razzamataz Theatre Schools was delighted to host a special event, inviting all teachers and team members to London’s iconic Pineapple Dance Studios.  


Razzamataz is a leading advocate for arts education, not just for students, but for supporting team members too. The Razzamataz Team Celebration Day was a free to attend event offering the tools and guidance needed for people to progress in the performing arts industry.


“Our teachers and team members serve as catalysts for unlocking the potential within our students across the UK,” says Denise Hutton-Gosney, MD and Founder of Razzamataz. “By investing in our teams, we have given them the opportunity for targeted training so they can refine their own skills and better guide students on their creative journeys, fostering a new generation of young people who can reach their full potential by accessing their creativity, confidence and teamwork skills.”


During the day, individuals within the Razzamataz network participated in interactive workshops to learn more about neurodiversity and how to celebrate it within our schools. Christopher Tendai, a West End performer and Artistic Director spoke about inclusivity and diversity and how to ensure we can give back to young aspiring performers. There was also the opportunity to network with industry professionals from Mencap and to improve attendees own personal development, Razzamataz facilitated several workshops on how to unlock your potential and saying goodbye to self-limiting beliefs.


As well as investing in our teams’ teaching abilities, the Team Celebration Day also provided the opportunity to understand more about their own career progression. Kimisha Lewis is the franchise owner of Razzamataz Coventry and this time last year, attended the event as a teacher to explore ideas for her future and finding a pathway that would offer financial stability alongside her work as a professional actor. This year, she returned with her full team, after launching her own Razzamataz in April and has not looked back.


“It was so lovely to return with a team of teachers, it was welcoming, exciting and informative,” says Kimisha. “A fantastic refresher that has inspired us in our lesson planning and teaching styles.”


One of the highlights from the Team Celebration Day was to hear from current theatre school owners about their journey and the opportunities that come from being part of the multi-award winning Razzamataz network.


Asha Richardson, owner of Razzamataz South Lakes spoke about building her school from 30 students to more than 300 and how she combines her business with being a mum and running her own charity in Ghana.


“The Team Celebration Day is an incredible opportunity for people that have a passion for performing arts and have a commitment to nurture young minds,” explains Asha. “I went from a teacher who had a dream of running a theatre school to someone that has built a thriving community, won numerous awards and supported my own team members to progress in their careers. The experience of Denise and the Razzamataz Head Office team means that anyone with ambition can turn their dreams into reality. It’s exciting to think that one of our attendees today may be the next owner of their own Razzamataz school and can build a business to fit around their lifestyle.”


Hear from attendees

“It’s been so eye opening and had some really good insights into other schools and people in my age groups style of teaching etc. I took in a lot of things to implement not only into my own classes but as an assistant too. Thank you for these endless opportunities.” Alice, former student now team member, Razzamataz South Lakes.


“It was great to spend a day with this great community thinking forward about how much more we can offer our students. Everyone’s enthusiasm really reaffirmed we were in the right place” Rachel, team member, Razzamataz Oxford. 


Honestly… it was everything I didn’t know I needed and more! 


“Just being around everyone, their ideas, their energy and their individual stories was so uplifting.” 


“Biggest learning for me was the neurodiversity session and how that looks different within our own individual schools, lessons, students and team members… it’s a tough subject to approach and you never feel like you know the right answer, but it was explained it such a clear and helpful way that has honestly opened my eyes, brain and my knowledge base to be able to approach this subject with others!”


“The whole day from start to finish was full of inspiration, super educational and just re affirmed everything I LOVE about Razzamataz, what we do and why we do it!” Amber, Principal, Bournemouth. 


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