Demand for help in the home has been increasing year on year within the UK culture since the turn of the century and in particular since 2008 when a value shift occurred triggering the change in family priorities making time together a fact rather than fiction. Through Covid lockdowns, this value has been intensified and grown exponentially with so many people genuinely experiencing family time and personal time for the first time during their working lives.

A huge majority of our population has experienced the benefits of time off the hamster wheel first-hand and how it brings balance, that we don’t live to work that we work to live. People genuinely want this value to persist in life and they are prepared to pay for it. We value our time more than ever. For years our customers in employment were predominantly aged 35+, this has now dropped to 25+, this customer base has expanded.

Lockdowns found our elderly and vulnerable members of our society incredibly isolated with relatives unable to visit or even help in many cases. This restriction has thrown a spotlight on the quality of life for these special people in our lives and the need for help in their homes regardless of restrictions. Lockdowns allowed us to face a heart-breaking reality, the hamster wheel does not schedule enough quality visits with our nearest and dearest and we don’t like that for them or our future selves. Many people found themselves seeking solutions that provide trustworthy relationships to give relatives peace of mind. This customer base keeps expanding.

And finally, the staycation market is big in the UK and may very well remain so for a few years whilst people adjust to the post-Covid world and have a post-Brexit buy British binge. In summary, demand for housekeepers is high and only getting higher but don’t begin to think this is a cash cow. Along with a firm footing in values which bring value to their own lives, our population is discerning and wants the same for those who help them. Cleaners should be legally employed, have holiday pay and be able to do the school run too. This isn’t an individual value shift, it belongs to the free market economic community of the 21st century. Demand for respected, employed help providing mutual dignity is quietly expanding.

None of the above has happened by accident, it was inevitable but Covid accelerated the value shift exponentially and thank goodness it did. We are a long time dead, buying time should be a priority spend in everyone’s household budget.

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