Samantha Acton, founder of Domestic Angels Franchising and Paxan, is a finalist in the Entrepreneur category of the Successful Women in Business Awards 2019. Fulfilling the criteria of demonstrating entrepreneurial excellence along with 4 other significant finalists, Sam is insistent that this award reflects more than her talents as an individual.

“This award is for my franchise partners, the Angels, the Domestic Angels customers, the Paxan team, my peer group and the endlessly supportive friends and family who surround me. Yes, I can demonstrate commitment, vision, perseverance and capacity for personal growth in bucket loads but it’s the people around me who inspire me and allow me to be entrepreneurial. This is their award, my thank you to all of them.”

“Judging the entrants for the Successful Women Entrepreneur Award was really difficult, but Sam Acton is a very worthy finalist and true Entrepreneur. I am looking forward to reading out the winner’s name on June 7th at the Awards ceremony” says Gill Donnell, founder of the Successful Women in Business network.

Sam’s entrepreneurial story began in 2002 when she launched Domestic Angels providing help in people’s homes developing a sophisticated and effective business model which endured and grew over the years. The business was eventually converted into a franchise model and boasts several successful territories enabling more people to have their own businesses and in turn create employment. To enable and ensure growth for Domestic Angels, Sam initiated the development of her own software which has become the backbone of the business. Known as Paxan and launched May 2019, the software solution is now available on the open market to benefit other businesses who need to reduce admin. The entrepreneurial story is continuing.