A part-time theatre school franchise has joined the ranks of the elite after their own franchisees provided feedback for an industry survey for a second year in a row.

In the Smith & Henderson survey, Razzamataz Theatre Schools was scored so highly that they joined a group of elite franchisors and have received a 5 Star Franchise Satisfaction Award.

Smith & Henderson were founded in 2011 with the vision to be the most innovative provider of employee and customer feedback solutions. They work with more than 120 clients from the private and public sector.

When compared to the industry average, not only were the Razzamataz results considerably higher, they even improved on their own results from the previous year. Initial training and support scored 100%, which is 23% above the industry standard and 17% up on the previous year. Razzamataz pride themselves with the wonderful network they nurture which was recognised with Peer Support also receiving a 100% score, which is 23% above industry standard and 13% up on the previous year. The clear vision that Razzamataz has to provide top class training and opportunities for students also proved popular with franchisees with a score of 91%, which is 21% above industry average and 17% up on the previous year.

To maintain the high quality of services for students and families, Razzamataz has introduced new classes for both very young students and those wishing to go on to performing arts college. The Products and Services that is offered scored Razzamataz 97% which is 23% above industry standard.

One of the comments that was included when asked about the Franchise System was: We are constantly staying ahead of the market with our workshops such as the recent one with Diversity.”

In last year’s report, one of the challenges that the business and individual franchisees faced was day to day admin systems and budgeting. Razzamataz acknowledged these challenges and new for this year the franchisor is introducing a new Business Management System. Head Office worked with the largest school in the network to create a bespoke platform with Azura to streamline every franchisee’s work load and make the admin side of the business more efficient.

“We are delighted with the results of the survey and we are especially heartened to see how we have improved from last year,” says Denise Hutton-Gosney, MD and Founder of Razzamataz. “Helping our franchisees to succeed is critically important to us. Their growth and their success is the fundamentals behind our business.”

There are almost 50 part-time Razzamataz schools up and down the UK with Principals coming from a wide range of backgrounds, achieving successful businesses that fit flexibly around their lifestyles.

The flexibility of working from home when it suits, the potential for high earnings and the knowledge from Head Office were among the best things about owning a Razzamataz franchise according to the survey.

“When asked about the next 12 months, 91% of our franchisees said they expected their profitability to improve,” explains Denise. “No one felt that their profitability will decline which is very reassuring.”

Being part of a franchise has enabled many people to launch their own successful theatre schools even if they have not got any business background or contacts in the performing arts industry. Razzamataz Principals include teachers, stay at home parents, young graduates and retired performers. The safeguarding for students, being able to provide amazing opportunities and the branding were also highlighted and praised for allowing franchisees to succeed.

To find out if franchising is the right option, the Head Office run Discovery Den days across the UK where potential franchisees get a chance to meet the team, find out more about franchising in general and discover what it is like to run a part-time theatre school.

To find out more, contact Suzie McCafferty on E:suzie@razzamataz.co.uk or call 07793 054 233. For more details visit: www.razzamataz.co.uk

Take a look at the Razzamataz new five-star satisfaction video from Smith & Henderson: https://youtu.be/4GBgMVaW6ws