To celebrate twenty years of being amazing, a franchise theatre school is asking all of its students to get involved in a national event for charity, testing their fitness, determination and resolve.

On Saturday 21st March, students across the UK will be donning their pedometers and getting in as many steps during their performing arts practice in order to hit the magic ’20 Million Steps’ number. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Razzamataz Theatre Schools, all students, Principals, teachers and staff will be trying to accumulate twenty million steps during the Razzamataz session, keeping fit and raising money for the theatre school’s own charity Future Fund.

“This is equivalent to well over 300 marathons so it will definitely be a challenge, but one we know our students and team will rise to,” says Denise Hutton-Gosney, MD and Founder of Razzamataz. “As a business, we have done lots of things to celebrate our twenty-year anniversary, so this one is for the students so we can ensure they are part of the fun too.”

The Razzamataz Head Office will be monitoring the step count throughout the day and will be in contact with all the Principals of the schools to let them know how close the target is. It is anticipated that to achieve the 20 Million Steps, students and staff will have to keep even more active throughout the day.

Head Office are advising Principals that students and staff will have to keep moving and walking on the spot at all times when they are not doing a set routine or a scene. They may also need to do some quick-fire sprints on the spot for twenty seconds at the start or end of the lesson and they can march around the room during a singing warm-up.

“Razzamataz sessions are very active anyway but this will push everyone that little bit extra,” adds Denise. “It will definitely be a fun challenge though and with the annual summer showcases coming up, it will also help with overall fitness and stamina for all involved.”

Each school will also be raising money for the Future Fund charity, which was established to help support a Razzamataz student in further performing arts education. Recent recipients of the scholarship are now working professionally in shows such as Hamilton in the West End and as part of the cast at Disneyland Paris.

“The Future Fund is leaving a lasting legacy and truly transforming lives,” says Denise. “Each student involved in this steps challenge may one day be awarded a Future Fund scholarship and knowing how hard their classmates worked to achieve the total, will be very inspiring.”

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