Laura Harvey-Smith Photo 1

The Franchising Centre is delighted to announce that Laura Harvey-Smith has joined their training division, The Franchise Training Centre. This marks an exciting new drive in their “Training for profit” philosophy.

Laura explained “Training is an investment by a business in its people. It has many benefits such as demonstrating to staff that they are valued and giving team members more skills and confidence to their job. These are essential for team building, morale and engagement. But like all investments, a business can still rightfully expect to see a financial return on money invested in training. I will be delivering training to franchisor teams that lead to tangible results, like increasing the number of franchisees recruited and how to guide franchisees to increasing their turnover and profit. In addition, I will be providing essential franchisee training, particularly focusing on sales skills.”

During fifteen years of working in franchising and owner managed businesses, Laura has developed a unique insight into how training can be used to have an immediate and lasting impact on profitability. Laura says “I keep delegates focussed on the practical elements of their learning that will have an immediate impact on their business, and at the end of every session, I ask delegates to write down the three things that they will implement tomorrow!”.

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