FranScape gives new clients up to 50% off with fees only due when Clients go live

FranScape is a Franchise Management Solution built by Franchisors for Franchisors.

The team behind FranScape know a thing or two about building a multi award winning Franchise brand. The secret: digital innovation, which has powered Swimtime to success for the last 3 years.

From using advanced automation to do things like taking royalties from source and automatically booking customers in less than 60 seconds, FranScape is helping Franchise brands slash the time it takes to operate their network.

During the past year, the Children’s Activity Sector has been hit hard. Theo Millward, Managing Director of Swimtime and CEO of FranScape knows this all too well: “2020 was brutal. Most of our network lost nearly 6 months where they literally could not trade at all. In total it has cost them in excess of £2,500,000. Despite this we have thousands of students on our waiting lists and have had over 100 Franchise enquiries.”

Technology held the key to survival, Theo continues, “The power of FranScape allowed Swimtime to react very quickly to the changing restrictions and without this technology at our disposal we simply wouldn’t have survived.”

Given the challenges to the start of 2021 for some Franchisors, the team at FranScape are delighted to announce support for the Children’s Activity Sector.

For clients that sign up to FranScape within the following months, for a minimum of 6 months, they will receive a corresponding discount on the already competitive £35, per Franchise per month:

· Before 31st January – 50% Discount for 3 Months: £17.50 per Franchise, Per Month

· Before 28th February – 20% Discount for 3 Months: £28.00 per Franchise, Per Month

This includes access to ALL features. Fees are only charged when the solution is live and discount will apply for the first 3 months.

FranScape was officially brought to market in 2020 and is already seeing a number of networks enjoying the benefits.

“Despite COVID, FranScape has generated over £585,000 for our customers in 5 months even with National Lockdowns across the 4 nations throughout that period.”

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About FranScape:

FranScape is a multi-award winning cloud based Franchise Management system. Built using state of the art Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology, FranScape allows smaller franchised business owners and those starting out on their franchised business journey, to enjoy enterprise grade technology. This helps them remove a lot of boring admin tasks and operate efficiently in a way that would ordinarily be out of reach.


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