Are you a military veteran looking to make a bold career transition into entrepreneurship? Discover how you can follow in the footsteps of one former Navy Engineer who found success with an InXpress franchise.

When wondering what to do when you leave the Armed Forces, are you restricting your thinking? Rather than meandering through this next chapter, or waiting to see what will come up, you could put the skills you’ve picked up to work for yourself! Especially if you crave the excitement outside the forces, which you’ve experienced, so far!

Something former Royal Navy Electrical Engineer, James Griffin, did. He served for eight years and was well-acquainted with extreme conditions and strict routines. But deep down, he knew he wanted more from life, enabling him to call the shots. “I had a plan for what I would do when I left the Navy. But I’ve seen first-hand, too many people wait until the last minute! My advice would be to start thinking now; make your transition easier for yourself.”

For James, this meant exploring business ownership, which led him to become the proud owner of InXpress South Cotswold – his second franchise with the brand, since leaving the military.

Early Planning is Key

The key factor to his journey is that James didn’t wait until the last minute to plan his transition. “For my last two years, I was drafted to London, so used this time explore my options. I attended several franchise meetups and exhibitions, and I explored two or three franchise opportunities, which didn’t seem right for me. But, logistics franchise, InXpress, felt like a natural progression after the Navy; even without sales experience.”

The importance of using your time wisely to thoroughly research available options cannot be underestimated. Franchising allows you to build on your skills, as you move into a new sector.

Align with Your Passions

Choosing the right franchise is crucial; it should align with your interests, strengths, and long-term goals. “The better the fit, the more likely you are to succeed,” James explains. “InXpress really stood out to me, because it has a solid business model, with a proven structure to follow. I knew I could follow orders, so wasn’t afraid to take the leap into franchising. I also liked the fact InXpress are consistently one of the UK’s top-10 franchises; I knew I could trust the brand.”

The value of understanding what you live for, and why, can help you understand whether a brand’s ethos resonates with you.

Financial Planning

Financing your franchise can be a significant hurdle, especially for those without substantial savings or a military pension to rely on. “With only serving eight years, I didn’t get to my pension. But, because I had a plan of action, I was able to save my wages, ready to start achieving my goal as soon as I left. One of the most reassuring things, though, is in knowing many franchises, like InXpress, have strong relationships with banks and make it easier to obtain the right financing options.”

This relationship between lenders and franchises can be game-changing for aspiring entrepreneurs, because it makes the dream of business ownership more achievable.

You’re Not Alone

One of the advantages of franchising is the extensive support system they have. “When you leave the Forces, you’re leaving behind a close-knit network of people you’ve done life with, over several years. Joining a franchise puts you back into a supportive network. Your franchisor provides essential training and guidance to help you succeed, often walking beside you through your business journey. So, even if you lack specific business experience, you won’t be alone, as you work toward success.”

InXpress is especially appealing to veterans, thanks to its comprehensive two-week training programme, its online university, strong supportive partnerships, and high earning potential.

Mentoring support

Mentoring is also a common feature of franchising with InXpress, from the Business Coach you’re assigned to, and the franchisee mentor who’ll guide you. “When I first started, I was paired with a one of InXpress’ top franchisees, Neil Hatt. His business was consistently hitting million-pound annual turn-over, so he was a good mentor with exceptional insight into running my business. We became such good friends, that when I sold my first InXpress franchise, I bought a second one with him, which is a good reflection of the kinds of connections you can build when you join a franchise!”

Even without experience in the logistics industry, InXpress is committed to pairing you with the right support, so you can be successful in your own right.

Flexibility and Freedom

Franchising with InXpress not only offers you a structured approach, but also gives you the freedom and flexibility to run your business from anywhere. This is especially appealing to veterans who value adventure and autonomy. “So, I’m currently running my business from the tropical paradise, of Thailand! I work UK hours, so because of the time difference, I start my mornings with a trip to the beach, feeling invigorated and ready for the day, by the time the UK opens for business!”

If you have a passion for life, and boundless enthusiasm, then InXpress might be your perfect fit! You gain the freedom to shape your business according to your vision – something Veterans love!

Use your resettlement period wisely!

You don’t have to feel uneasy about your future. As James explains, “Take the time to research different franchises, and make use of the resources on offer, during your resettlement period. This will ease your transition into civilian life. Franchising may present challenges, but with dedication and hard work, and by making full use of the support structure your franchisor offers, the rewards are great! Especially, when you commit to your journey and give it your best effort.”

And as you grow, working hard to realise your business goals, like James, you could own multiple franchises, and run them from anywhere life takes you!

Make your move!

If you’re a military veteran with aspirations of entrepreneurship, InXpress invites you on a journey to run YOUR business YOUR way, with our full support and guidance. Why not discuss our franchise opportunity with a member of our team? Contact us today!