Claire Boscq-Scott is known locally for her customer experience obsession, she is joining once again the rank of the Global Customer Service Gurus by being voted #Guru5 on the

‘Wow, I am actually buzzing, Claire says, last year was just amazing to have made the list in No 13 but this year I am one of the top 5 Customer Service Guru globally, this is incredible. I am just so passionate about helping businesses to truly care for their employees and customers so they can deliver exceptional customer experience, being on that list will go a long way to share this passion further afield.’

Claire Boscq-Scott established The Busy Queen Bee brand in 2009 and has more than three decades of customer experience expertise. 

“The mystery shopping division of the business now caters to more than 40 companies, across four islands, with 85 professionally trained mystery shoppers. She also offer extensive training programme in customer experience, networking speed buzzing events and self-published her book, Thrive with The Hive, in 2016. She is also looking at growing her Franchise opportunity globally. 

Claire has just launched her new Caring Service Culture programme, a holistic approach to bringing more care into businesses enhancing environment, increasing employees’ engagement and customer loyalty through Caring Service Culture.  

“I am very proud of The Busy Queen Bee brand and the development of the new Caring Service Culture programme is one part in our plan to continue to expand the business, its service offering in different locations. But I have a much bigger vision, not only to raise the standard of customer experience around the world but also to create a real Caring Culture movement, where leaders are becoming accountable for their people and their environment. Nurturing a truly caring service culture isn’t easy but it is the only way to have a thriving business, with happy employees, happy customers and happy bottom lines.’

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