Family Commitments

Building a business around your family commitments

There are many similarities between running a business and managing a family. Which is why many of our Ambassadors flourish as owners of their own franchise.

But running your own franchise is about more than just managing your workflow, customers and employees. When you hire the right team around you, the flexibility with which you can operate your business as you grow, is a big attraction. Especially as some employers are not choosing to incorporate flexible working into their employment packages.


You can be both mum, and boss!

No matter how old your children are, there are opportunities open for you to start your own business, right across the franchise industry. We’re not saying it’s easy. What we are saying is the goal is not beyond your potential.

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You’re a mum; but can you
run a business too?

Many of you who are mums have been quietly slipping into the role so naturally and easily, you’ve not even realised how awesome you are in your new role. Did you know there are similarities between raising your child/ren and running a business? No? We didn’t think so. Which is why we want to shout about the skills you have gained, and how it would correlate with running your own business.

When working for someone else doesn’t work around your family commitments

Have you found yourself at the mercy of your boss, or your work’s rota schedule when you needed to be somewhere for your family?

According to Carers UK, over 3 million people juggle caring for a loved one, with work. This is in addition to the 75% of mothers who are working. Many women report feeling guilty, like a failure, or suffer with increased stress, from trying to meet all demands.

Discover the realities of running a business, with children

Deborah Dudley
Franchisee – PACK & SEND

Deborah Dudley was a woman with a dream. A single mother who often had to work two jobs to support her disabled children, she was determined to, one day, have her own business. After years of working in the corporate sector, her time finally came in 2014 when she bought a PACK & SEND franchise. With no previous experience in the postal and delivery sector, but with the full support of her franchisor, Deborah rapidly grew her business.

Jayne Aspin-Mayne
Franchisee – McDonalds

As a senior manager at a manufacturing site, in a male-dominated industry, this mum of 2 young children and with another 30+ years left of her working life, found herself out of the house 12 hours a day, continuously going the extra mile. She knew that she wanted things to change. Whilst she enjoyed the challenge of work, she needed a better work-life balance.

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