What did you do before Healthy Feet?

I was a support worker in the community and specialised in dementia care and support.

Why did you feel she couldn’t go back to that role?

I had worked within care for 15 years but unfortunately the hours did not suit my family life, I generally worked evenings and weekends so was missing out on precious family time with my four children.

Has having children changed how she wants to work?

Most definitely, I want my career to work around my children and Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic has made that possible.

What do you look for in the perfect job?

I enjoy meeting new people and learning new skills, having flexible working hours, a good hourly rate of pay and having a good team to support me if I need it.

What was it about Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic that made you change career?

Firstly it was meeting Sophie, she gave me so much information and guidance . Everything I wanted in a new career was offered by joining healthy feet and I could train for my theory at home while still working as a carer until my practical training had begun.

How has working for yourself improved your lifestyle?

It has changed dramatically, I know have a very even balance between work and home life.

Do you feel you have more opportunities and support to develop your skills and grow your business?

Absolutely, even though you learn something new everyday while you work within the community, there are also plenty of additional training courses available through Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic to keep my knowledge up to date with new and improving techniques and products.

What is your average monthly income? 

You can earn £3000 a month working flexible hours.