Bridging the skills gap between young people and the workplace is a hot topic internationally, with many experts agreeing that to create tomorrow’s leaders, it is vital to collaborate with educational establishments to support the holistic development of children and young people. 

As part of the UK Trade Mission to enhance the learning of children in the Middle East and surrounding kingdoms, leaders from a UK-based theatre school have been invited to share their insights into the performing arts and how participation can resolve these skill gaps, enabling economic growth across sectors.  

Razzamataz Theatre Schools is a UK-based multi-award winning franchise, with more than 23 years’ experience working with children and young people. Through its specialised performing arts programmes, Razzamataz has nurtured and enhanced the lives of young people as well as being a prominent thought-leader, vocal about the future of education and how to support educational establishments and businesses to ensure children are prepared for roles that will shape the global society that will emerge in the future.

As part of the invitation, Razzamataz has been invited to speak at GESS Dubai, which is supported by UK associations such as BESA, which Razzamataz is a member of, as well as DBT, COBIS, BSME and ISC Research.  

Attending the event is MD and Founder, Denise Hutton-Gosney and Razzamataz Business Coach, Hayley Limpkin. Razzamataz has been invited to attend a panel discussion on the current state of the performing arts in education and to share what strategies have been successful in the UK and what their schools do to empower children to explore their creativity, gain confidence and develop essential life skills through theatre arts.

“We are delighted to have been invited by the UK Trade Mission to participate at GESS Dubai and join the expert panel of speakers at the Leaders in Education Conference,” says Denise. “At Razzamataz, we understand the numerous challenges that educators face in providing a comprehensive education experience, which is where our specialised knowledge and experience will have a profound effect on children. Through our innovative teaching methods and individualised learning objectives dedicated on self-reflection and critical thinking, we are enhancing the education of young people by focussing on a holistic approach to learning. By working with educational establishments, we can improve access and quality of the highly specialised performing arts training that we have been delivering in the UK for more than twenty years.”

Denise and Hayley have been asked to share their knowledge about what kind of education will shape the global society that will emerge in thirty years. They will speak about how to ensure the future global society is one that is inclusive, sustainable and prosperous and how the arts serve the key priorities of critical thinking, digital literacy, diversity and inclusion and sustainability. 

“There is overwhelming evidence from several independent studies and research papers around how the arts contribute to improving the outcomes for young people from many different backgrounds,” says Hayley. “This is despite arts subjects being underfunded within the education system in many parts of the world. Furthermore, research has shown academic excellence without life skills will not create the leaders that the global economy needs, which is why Razzamataz’s holistic performing arts curriculum is so popular in the UK with interest overseas growing rapidly.”

However, integrating high standards of performing arts education into schools is not without challenges. Limited resources and teachers who have not had the years of intensive training required to be a performing arts practitioner can hinder the process and positive results for both students and teachers.

Offering a solution is Razzamataz Theatre Schools, who would like to foster partnerships with international educational institutions to exchange knowledge and best practices through bringing in their own highly trained teachers. They will design tailored lesson plans, encompassing acting, dance and singing techniques as well as their highly experienced approach to teaching a wide age range of students with different abilities. This provides invaluable insights and guidance and helps expose students to a broader range of educational opportunities and lessens the burden on schools who may not have these specialists’ teams.

“Razzamataz have highly trained and experienced performing arts teachers who nurture talent as well as foster the development of various soft skills by creating a supportive and challenging environment where students can learn, practice and apply these skills,” adds Denise. “This is highly valuable in everyday life, education and future careers.”

By engaging with Razzamataz, schools can deliver a world-class education programme, focussing on the whole student and differentiating themselves within their market. Through the work in the UK, Razzamataz understand the benefits that come when students engage in performing arts training and the support that is needed to teachers within schools to inspire, empower and engage students to reach their full potential.


Meet Denise and Hayley at GESS Dubai 2023 on Stand U24. If you are an educational establishment, please drop by to discuss partnership opportunities and learn more about our multi-award winning performing arts classes, designed to complement STEM education by fostering critical thinking and the important development of soft skills.



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