The future of education holds exciting possibilities driven by advances in technology and a rapidly evolving global landscape. As we move forward, leaders are asking how we can ensure education will shift towards developing essential 21st century skills, such as critical thinking, creativity and problem solving.


Addressing many of these needs is Razzamataz Theatre Schools, a leading name in performing arts education. With more than 23 years’ experience, Razzamataz has been invited by the prestigious UK Trade Mission to attend the Global Educational Supplies and Solutions (GESS) Dubai 2023. This invitation recognises Razzamataz’s outstanding contributions to the field of education and its commitment to providing innovative and engaging learning experiences. Razzamataz is also proud to be a BESA member.


Education is one of the top priorities for the UAE government, which is keen to build a knowledge based economy and position itself as the academic hub in the region. This makes it the ideal location in which global education leaders can come together to discuss the latest trends and solutions in the education sector. The annual event plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of education, making it the ideal platform for Razzamataz to share its expertise and vision.


Denise Gosney, MD and Founder of Razzamataz says: “Through performing arts, Razzamataz is known for our commitment to nurturing talent and creativity in children and young people. We are keen to share our insights and explore collaborations that will ensure every child has access to the arts, helping to foster creativity, build confidence and promote teamwork. All of which contribute to well-rounded personal and academic growth. Representing the UK education sector at GESS is a huge achievement and we are excited to share our knowledge to revolutionise education on a global scale.” 


The invitation is a testament to Razzamataz’s reputation in the UK, which demonstrates the power of arts-based learning in enhancing students’ personal and academic growth. Alongside the exhibition runs an extensive conference programme, and again, Razzamataz has been asked to participate by joining the expert panel of speakers at the Leaders in Education Conference. The Razzamataz team will also be delivering key presentations to more than 8,000 educational professional from 94 counties including key decision-makers. The themes are Arts education – what is next? and the following day: The kind of education a young person experiences today will be the global society that will emerge in 30 years. 


Razzamataz has established a multi-award winning brand with more than 60 schools throughout the UK. The team are experienced working internationally developing contracts with TUI and Eurocamp. They have also created strategic partnerships with The Stage newspaper, 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures (UK), Warner Bros, Mattel and Paramount Pictures. Ensuring that inclusivity is at the heart of everything that it does, Razzamataz is exceptionally proud of its registered charity, Future Fund, giving young people the financial means to follow their dreams in the performing arts industry.


GESS has been the focal point for education in the Middle East and beyond for 15 years. This year, it will provide a unique platform for Razzamataz to network, exchange ideas and contribute to the ongoing conversation about the future of education.